Eine kleine Auswahl meine Kunden und Aufträge

  TV (Voice Over/Synchron...)

  • ORF
  • Studio HH
  • NDR
  • SAT1
  • Sky
  • Inspiris Haschek Film GmbH Wien - Kulturhauptstädte Europas - 12-teilige Serie
  • Berkelbike - Erfahrungsberichte auf YouTube


  • Red Snapper Publishing GmbH - Schlaftraining für Kinder
  • SAGA Egmont - Kirschblütenfrühling Maiglöckchensehnsucht
  • Ken Xiao - Lernen Sie Englischsprechen wie ein Einheimischer


  • Lion-Fighter International - Dream Island - voraus. Veröffentlichung 2019 

           Imagefilm (Regie)

  • Ypsilon Model Scouting Hamburg


  • Blum - social media QMS
  • Cloud Cover Solutions - Telefontraining
  • Blum - Connex
  • Blum - CRM
  • Orange County Voiceovers - CA-USA
  • Glidewell Dental 
  • Tonformation
  • Hubworks CA-USA - Getting startet with Hubworks -Video Tutorials
  • Total Belgium
  • MakeMeWeb
  • Knowledge Spread


  • Diaper2Care 
  • 1&1 - Buchhaltung
  • Amabo
  • Telba
  • Slightech CA-USA - MYNT
  • Blum
  • say it simple
  • Smartspokes
  • Sevenit GmbH
  • Brainimation


  • Hanseklang                      
  • Der Fjord                        
  • Der blaue Planet   

       Audioguide (App/Museum)

  • Bending Spoons
  • 15 Bed Time Stories
  • Kathedrale Santa Ana - Gran Canaria
  • German learning app for kids
  • Las Palmas -Diözesanmuseum
  • Elbkinder
  • Hello Hamburg
  • Pirool Audioprojekte
  • audioguideMe


  • Michael Page International Hamburg
  • privater Einzelunterricht
  • Joblinge
  • Joblinge - Kompass für Flüchtlinge
  • Ypsilon Model Scouting Hamburg



Sabine worked quickly, provided exactly what I'd asked for, I recommend her highly.

Kay Xander Mellish 


Great professional and simply a nice person to work with.

Looking forward to our next project together!

Bending Spoon 


Very talented voiceover artist with professional,

high-quality recording equipment and great service!

IRIE US Cloud Cover Solutions 


It's so glad to cooperate with you this time. You are one of the most careful reviewers we’ve met. Your suggestions are very helpful for us. Thank you. Look forward to our next cooperation.



A mature persuasive voice is what just right for my project.

Ken Xiao     


We are very pleased with the work done by Sabine. A professional voice-over. She also helped to optimize texts in German. We would recommend her!